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About the Project

Deep water fairway (DWF) Danube – Black Sea is an ambitious transport project, one of the elements of the program on developing of national network of international transport corridors and its integration to the transport system of the countries of Europe, Asia, Baltic and Black Sea regions.

The DWF goal is to provide optimization of traffic capacity of the domestic part of the Danube delta, to reduce cost and to improve the quality of service of vessels passing along the route Danube - Black Sea.

By the order of the Ministry of transport and communication of Ukraine, the SE "Delta–Lotsman" acts as a customer of the design and construction work of the Project on the DWF Danube – Black sea through the Bystroe mouth.

The total budgeted cost is UAH 543.5 mln.

The main advantage of the DWF Danube – Black Sea, besides the competitive tariffs, is an ability for two-way vessels traffic round-the-clock work for a full year. Vessel traffic safety control system meets the European Union standards and other international norms.

Navigation resumption on Ukrainian site of the Danube may become one of the most effective measures of the Eurointegration course, announced by Ukraine. Full development of the DWF with the Bystroe mouth opens up possibilities for unbounded expansion of logistic schemes of cargo flows on East – West vector.