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Competitive advantages

Favorable geographical location of the Ukrainian part of the Danube delta at the intersection of the transport corridors, branching network of railways and highways, high capacity potential of marine sector, modern Izmail, Reni, Ust – Dunaysk sea ports, ship – repairing and ship-builiding yards of Izmail and Kiliya make the Ukrainian deep-water fairway Danube – Black Sea more attractive.

The DWF advantages gave been confirmed by the first outcomes of its operation on the route marine approach canal - the Bystroe mouth – Starostambulsk – Kiliya mouth. Today the fairway has made possible to reduce one of the most crucial problems of the main international transport corridor of Europe – has provided dependable around-the-clock navigation Black Sea – Danube.

During of 2009 1360 vessels have passed through the DWF Black Sea – Danube. Totally since the navigation renewal in Ukrainian part of the Danube river in April 2007, 3400 vessels have passed through the Bystroe mouth.

Today navigators from 40 countries of the world, which chose the Ukrainian DWF, notice that increasing and maintaining of the passing draught in the Bystroe mouth area, the dam which protects the DWF entrance and necessary navigational equipment provide convenient, safe and round-the-clock navigation for the full year. The route goes though the Danube riverbed – its widest and high- water Kiliya arm.

Two-way navigation round–the–clock is provided from Vilkove to Reni. The width, slight sinuosity of the fairway and its depth meet the requirements of the highest international class according to the Classification of European inland waterways.

One more advantage of the DWF Danube – Black Sea is lower dues - by 40-60 %,comparing to the Sulina canal.

Comparison of number of vessels passed through the Ukrainian DWF and the Sulina canal (Romania) for 2009.

Since April 2007 the vessels under flags of different countries – Ukraine, Russia, Sierra Leone, Turkey, Panama, Moldova, Bulgaria, Liberia and others have passed through the DWF. In 2009 under Ukrainian flag - more than 380 vessels (28,5 % of total number), under foreign flags – 971 vessels (71,5 %).

The total amount of cargoes, transported by the vessels through the DWF Danube – Black Sea is more than 3,22 mln. tones from/to the ports: Galats (53,7 % of total freight turnover), Reni (23,3 %), Izmail (9,6 %), Kiliya (4,9 %), Braila (3,1 %), Moldavian port Giurgiuleşti (1%).

Main types of cargo transported for year 2009, thous.tones