Technical characteristics

The total length of the deepwater fairway Danube – Black Sea is 172,36 km.

Parts DWF Danube – Black Sea:

Marine approach canal (length – 3,432 km, bottom width 100 m, depth 9,52-8,72 ) – the only artificial part of Ukrainian marine approach canal; since 2008 has operated within the characteristic of the 1st phase - draft 5,85 m; canal width - 85 m (the 1st phase) / 100 m (the 2nd phase – full development). The navigation provides one-way vessel traffic. On the route of  marine approach canal with the depth less than 5,0 m fine sand underlies, deeper - loamy sand.

  • Part Black Sea – Vilkovo (1,534 – 20,555 ) is projected along the Bystroe mouth (1,534 – 10,000 km) and the Starostambulsk and Kiliya arms (10,000 – 20,565 km). The navigation along the Bystroe mouth provides one-way vessel traffic and on the Starostambulsk and Kiliya mouths - two-way (bottom width – 120 m)
  • Part Vilkovo – Izmail Chatal (20,555 – 116,00 ) – goes through Kiliya mouth with two-way vessel traffic (width – 120 m) This part has 11 sand bars, where channel dredging should be performed.
  • Part Izmail Chatal – Reni (116,00 – 170,36 ) – has a natural deep-water bed. The vessel traffic is two – way, designed width is 120 m. This part belongs to the international navigation route and in accordance with the resolution of the International Belgrade Convention provides the connection of the EU sea-way with the Black Sea.
  • Levee (length 2,73 km - 1st phase) of marine approach canal is intended to protect the canal from drifts during the northern and northeastern storms, from dulling of slopes by waves and to provide safe entry of vessels to the canal from the sea at the strong winds which dominate during the fall-winter period;
  • Wing dam (in the bed part  - from the Kiliya mouth to the Bystroe mouth – 2nd phase) is intended for water use stabilization in the Bystroe mouth, protection from the bed silts, stream-bank erosion of the Bystroe mouth at the exit point of the Bystroe mouth from the Starostambul mouth
  • Bank protection of the Bystroe mouth. 2nd phase
  • Sea ground dumping is intended for ground storage during construction of marine approach canal on the 1st phase of construction and on the phase of full development, for storing the ground from canal dredging.
  • Coastal and bed ground dump
  • Navigational equipments

* Ukrainian project on the navigations renewal on the DWF r. Danube – Black Sea specifies dredging in 2 stages. The 1st phase – the draft is 5,85 m (the depth of the marine canal - 8,13 m), The 2nd phase – the draft is to be 7,2 m (depths of the marine canal - 9,52-10,2 m). At the moment the project has been implemented within the 1st phase.

Anchorage locations:

Area 1 for vessels with draft less then 4,5 m:
45 18,5 N    29 47,5E
45 18,5 N    29 48,0E
45 16,0 N    29 46,5E
45 16,0 N    29 47,5E

Area 2 for vessels with draft from 4,5 m to 7,2 m:
45 17.0 N   29 50.9E
45 17.0 N   29 54.9E
45 14.0 N   29 50.9E
45 14.0 N   29 54.9E

Area 3 for vessels with dangerous cargo:
45 13.5 N   29 56.0E
45 13.5 N   30 00.0E
45 10.5 N   29 56.0E
45 10.5 N   30 00.0E

In case of unfavorable weather conditions vessels may proceed to Zhebriyanskaya bay. Anchoring, weighing anchor, entrance to the marine approach canal and traffic are controlled by VTS Center Vilkovo.

The navigation though canal at night time is restricted. The navigation through the canal of DWF and from the Bystroe mounth to Reni for river-sea type vessels in ballast at night is at pilot’s and captain’s discretion.