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Pilot dues

Calculation is made on the basis of the vessels volume (in cubic meters) and actual length of pilot operation (in miles), at the rate of USD 0,00204 per 1 cubic meter per 1 mile. The calculation for the vessels with volume less than 5000 cubic meters is the same as for vessels with volume of 5000 cubic meters.

Extra pilot dues are charges as follows:
- working days from 22.00 till 6.00 – by 25 %;
- on Saturdays, Sundays and Calendar Holidays: - from 06.00 to 22.00 – by 50%; - from 22.00 to 06.00 – by 100%.

Canal dues

The dues are charged for each one-way passage per 1 cubic meter of the vessel volume at the rate of USD 0,14 per 1 cubic meter. Decreasing coefficient 0.38 is applied for the vessels, which. In accordance with the measuring certificate, has loaded draft less than 4,5 m.

Informational services fees

Information services fees are charged on the basis of the route (length) of vessel passing at the area of VTS operation and amounts to USD from 10 to 70.

Comparative economical analysis of the tariffs on vessels passage across the Ukrainian DWF and Romanian canal testifies the significant (almost twice) advantage of the Ukrainian DWF.

Comparative table of the dues for vessels passage though the DWF Danube – Black Sea depending on the vessel volume

Vessel’s traffic

Vessel volume, м3

Deadweight, ton
Canal dues, USD
Pilot Service dues, USD
Inform. Services fees, USD
Total, USD
DWF Danube–Black Sea – Reni – DWF Danube–Black Sea
≈ 3180
DWF Danube–Black Sea – Reni – DWF Danube–Black Sea
≈ 3750